Friday, 28 October 2016

Celebration-Event Reflection and Information

Hey Guys, So today I have completed my presentation involving what I had done during a fun game or celebrations bingo and information about a celebration. I hope you like what I have put together. Enjoy 

WALT: reflect on what we had done during our celebration bingo game and write about a celebration of your choice...

The Bad Guy - Reflection

So today I have created a drawing about a book named The Bad Guys. So this book is a very interesting and fun book to read about. And I totally recommend to read this book as well.I have written a small summary of the book so I hope you enjoy.

WALT: reflection on a book or article you have being reading.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Would you survive? Reflection

So Today I have completed my work from yesterday which was about an article call Would You Survive?? and the article is by Kayla Prendergast. I find this article very interesting and  hope you enjoy what I had put together. 

WALT: write a reflection including your answers to the questions at the end of the article.

Today I have read a  article called Would You Survive by Kayla Prendergast. And this article is about a school named  St Paul’s Collegiate, that has a camp which happens twice a year where a group of 14 year old year 10 boys go on a five month camp with any technology with them or devices, Whether You bring your devices or not there is no service. The camp is basically in the middle of know and is surrounded by native bush, mountains, and tussock, with no civilization in sight. 

And during their time at the camp they would have to do there own dishes, and will have to clean their own laundry.(things most kids like us don’t do). Also something in the camp were banned including devices, extra food, aerosol cans(spray on deodorant), pocket knives, even alarm clocks!I think the main idea of this article is to young people like myself off their devices, get them outside, and to teach them essential life skills. 

This article is taken places literally in the middle of nowhere, But the location is in . And the surround of where their camp has native bush, mountains, tussock and the camp itself. Not including civilization.

If I were to participate in the challenge of having to go on a camp in the middle of nowhere and having to stay outside with no devices allowed I think I would survive because i’m normally outside and about hanging out with friends and running around outside and when i’m not outside, I just help clean, sit in my room and draw, Or i’ll just read a book or two. And probably eat and go to sleep.  

In my opinion I think a lot of young people are addicted to devices and technology because there normally alway on them, But then there are some young people that are outside playing sports and having fun with there friends and family. So I really can’t say that all young people are addicted because not everyone is. There are still a lot of people who are enjoying their time outside and still a lot of people who are on their devices a lot as well. So I think that I shouldn’t assume we young people do because not all of us young people are addicted and you shouldn’t assume either. 

If I were to going to Tihoi I think one of the positive things about it will being going somewhere new, And learning more about a curtain places or country. But one negative thing about going to Tihoi is that don’t know anything about the place. I don’t know the story about it or if it is a dangerous and if it is truly safe for me to visit. It will be great to go visiting, But I still don’t know if I will be safe there. Safety always comes first. I know I may be worrying to much but I still don’t know anything about Tihoi.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

S.S.R. - Jamaica - 25.10.15

Hi Guys, I have created a drawing showing some interesting facts about Jamaica. Theses are some factsI found very interesting but some I already knew from friends and family members.    

WALT: reflection on a country that we have been given.

S.S.R. - 25.10.16

Hey Guys, So today I have created a drawing explaining "Should we have more screen time".  I have given my opinion towards the article and whyI think it is on the news.

Persuasive Writing - 25.10.15

Kia Ora Guys, So today I have created and completed my drawing explaining some of the things I have learnt throughout this year at Tamaki Primary School. I hope you enjoy some of the things I have learnt this year. And hopefully I am able to achieve something else.

Friday, 21 October 2016

S.S.R. - Mali - 21.10.16

Today for S.S.R I have finished and completed my Mali reflection.In it had to write down some facts about the country so that is what I had done.

S.S.R. - Utah - 21.10.16

Kia Ora Guys, Today I have created a drawing about Utah. Utah is a state that is in South America. Utah is an amazing state to research about and learn more about. You can learn some much from lots of countries and states from all over the world.

S.S.R. - 21.10.16

Hey Guys, Today I have found an interesting article about a Robot that was worked on with Russia and  The European Space Agent (ESA) and has landed on Mars.They are trying to find if they is or was any life existing on Mars, So I have made a drawing about the article so here it is.

Reading - MeMe and Me - 21.10.16

Kia Ora Guys, So TodayI have finished myReading task which is based on MeMe and Me. So the task I had to do was I had to write a personal profile about the two main characters in the text that I had read. So this is my work and I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Music Reflection - 20.10.16

Hi Guys, So today was our Music session time. It was a fun and exciting lessons and I was able to learn lots of interesting and new drum styles.

WALT: recap on what we had done during Music

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

S.S.R. 19.10.16

Kia Ora Guys, So Today I have found another cool and interesting article about the Balloon Record Broken by Jeremy Telford.  There is a link to the news article on my drawing I have created. So I hope you enjoy my work I have put together.

S.S.R. 19.10.16

Hi Guys, So today I have found another amazing article about a group of awesome people who have made an creative Cookie Monster sculpture out of cans, And the money they raise from it they give  to people in need. Theses are really cool people and are people you should look up to.And become when you are older one day.

Sweden Ban m&m Logo - 19.10.16

Kia Ora, So today I have been reading an interesting article that is about Sweden banning the m&m logo. So I have made a drawing explaining some of my thought about it and some of the article.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Kia Ora, I have finally finished my Facts about Algeria. So here what some of the facts I have found.

Technology Reflection - 12.10.16

Today I have finished my Technology Reflection. It was an amazing day and I had a lot of fun making burgers with my classmates. And I can wait for this week.

WALT: reflect on hat we have done during our sessions at Tamaki College for Technology.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Fussy Diet causes Blindness - Reflection ( 17.10.16)

Today, I have read an interest article about a young man who had currently became blind because of a fussy and unhealthy diet. I have learnt quiet a bit from this article and I would like to learn a little bit more about it too.

WALT: reflect on a article we have found.

Music Reflection - 13.10.16

Today I have finished creating my Music Reflection. Music is an amazing opportunity to learn more about specific music.

WALT: reflect on what types of skills and lessons we have learnt during music.

Kiwi Can Reflection

Today, We had an incredible lesson with Ms La Toya, We had an amazing time learning about responsibilities and playing games. Today I have learnt a lot from my class mates around me and gives me a bigger picture of what type of thinking my friends have toward specific things.

WALT: explain what responsibilities we have in school, what they mean and how we can use them inside and outside of school.

Kiwi Sport Reflection - BasketBall

Today for Kiwi Sport we played Basketball. Thought out the session we were learning and practicing our skills towards it.

WALT: practice and learn more about basketball and learn more of the skills towards it too.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Kiwi Can: Reflection

WALT: create a reflection based on what we had done for Kiwi Can.

Kia Ora, Today I have created this drawing explaining what I have done during Kiwi Can and WhatI wrote for my poem.