Friday, 29 May 2015

Head-Phone Expectations

So today I got a chance to make a poster about our Head-Phone Expectations, So I make a poster that I think is really amazing.
To see it really properly you have to click on it.

FIO Pocket Money

So today I was working on FIO Pocket Money activity, What I had to do was to work out how much money that had made in three weeks, Then I had to work out what they could buy for lunch with just $5.00 each. 

What will Sandy’s share each week if together they collected the following amount:
Week 1. $6.00
Week 2. $12.00
Week 3. $9.00

How could they share the money if one day they made $10.00
All together is: $37.00

On the fourth Saturday Dale’s father takes them to Burger Paradise for lunch.

Kids Menu:
Screenshot 2015-05-29 at 10.06.32 AM.png

He gives them $5.00 to buy them lunch, They all order different things.
Write down what each of the three friends could have for lunch.

Friend 1. SteakBurger : $2.50 , Chips : $1.50 , Cola : $1.00

Friend 2. Hawaiian Burger : $2.45 , Apple Pie : $1.50 , Lemonade : $1.00

Friend 3. Nacho : $3.00 , Cola : $1.00 , Lemonade : $1.00

Animal Day

So today it was Animal Day at our school so that will mean that we have to get dressed as a animal. We are doing this because one of our Tamaki Primary School Family members are leaving, Her name is Miss Kirsty will be leaving our school to go work at the Zoo. I was really sad that I had heard that she is leaving and to show respect I dressed as a  elephant I had a elephant hat, a black top, shorts and a grey jumper. When in got to school I saw lots of people dress as lot of amazing animals like Unions, Tigers, Bunnies, Cats, Zebras and lots of amazing animals. After seeing all of the cool outfits I had to pay a gold coin so it can go to the SPCA.
This is my letter to miss Kirsty.
Dear Miss Kirsty,
I hope you know that we all love you and hope you will love you new job at the Zoo. I also hope that you and your class have a fun last day together and hope we will see you at the Zoo or somewhere else.
I also hope you come and visit us and tell us how fun it is at the Zoo.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

My CharateristicTree

About a few weeks ago I had to do a Characteristics Tree about myself so here it is.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Reading and Writing Prices

Today for Math, I was working on Reading and Writing Money Prices, What I have to do was write the prices of something in words and in numbers

11. Two dollars and sixty cents 12. Three dollars and ten cents
13. Seven dollars and ninety cents 14. Five dollars and twenty cents
15. Twelve dollars and fifty cents 16. Eight dollars and twenty - five cents
17. Nine dollars and forty cents 18. Eleven dollars and fifthy cents
19. Fifthy dollars and seventy-five cents 20. Twenty dollars and twenty cents

Work Out The Change 1. You have a $5.00 note and buy the pencils Change: $3.30
2. You have a $5.00 note and buy the fries Change: $3.10 3.
You have a $10.00 note and buy the C.D Change: $2.10 4.
You have a $10.00 note and buy the teddy bear Change: $1.30 5.
You have a $ 20.00 note and buy the book Change: $3.60 6.
You have a $10.00 note and buy the fries Change: $ 8.10 7.
You have a $10.00 note and buy the pencil Change: $8.30 8.
You have a $20.00 note and buy the teddy bear Change: $11.30

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Fire Woman

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The Fire Woman
WALT: read for enjoyment 
The Fire Woman book is about a lady that had fire in her fingers nails and toe nails, One day the Maui asked for her fire in her nails she gave him all her fire but for one, when Maui had got all of the five but one he dropped them in to the river one by one, with the last fire she was able to share with everyone