Sunday, 17 December 2017

Math (Education Perfect)

This year for Maths, I've been using Education Perfect, that has been happily added to our school learning! This learning website has helped me a lot with my learning. Giving me a little more of an understanding of what I need to be learning. Education Perfect has not only helped me improve with my learning but has helped me be more confident with my work because of the help I have been given from my teacher and also Education Perfect from the examples and clues it has given me!

I appreciate all of the help that has been given to me by my Math Teacher Mr. Koch. He had helped me with understanding to get me to where I need to be! Taking his time out of his work to help me get a bigger understanding of what I was trying to learn! Let alone get me to the level I needed to be at!

Thank you, Mr. Koch, for all of the necessary help! You've helped me so much, and help prepare me for Year 10! I am very grateful for all that you have done for me!