Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Anzac Day

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1. What does ANZAC stand for? Australia New Zealand Army Corp

2. Why do we remember ANZAC day? For all the Soldiers who died.

3. When is ANZAC Day? 25 of April

4. What do people do on ANZAC day? It is  a day to remember those who have fallen.

5. What is a poppy? It’s a red flower that represents Anzac day.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cycle Safety with Bigfoot Adventures

Cycle Safety with Bigfoot Adventures!

What do you need to do to check the safety of your bike?

  • check if your brakes work before you ride your bike            

  • make sure your wheel turn around

  • you have to have a red black light   
  • fasten your  wheels
  • tighten your set

What do you need to wear while riding your bike?

  • make sure you wear a helmet   
  • wear a light green or orange vest
  • wear  shorts
  •  wear a light t-shirt
  • cover your bag with your light bag cover

What do you need to do, by law, when riding a bike?

  • you have to wear a helmet  
  • you have to have a red  light at the back of your bike    
  • your brakes have to work

Helmet safety: What do you need to look for?

  • make sure your helmet is a little bit tight

  • make sure your helmet is near your eyebrow  
  • make sure your helmet is not coven your ears and they are around your ears

List all the parts of the bike:


Watch these clips about bike safety: