Friday, 29 May 2015

Animal Day

So today it was Animal Day at our school so that will mean that we have to get dressed as a animal. We are doing this because one of our Tamaki Primary School Family members are leaving, Her name is Miss Kirsty will be leaving our school to go work at the Zoo. I was really sad that I had heard that she is leaving and to show respect I dressed as a  elephant I had a elephant hat, a black top, shorts and a grey jumper. When in got to school I saw lots of people dress as lot of amazing animals like Unions, Tigers, Bunnies, Cats, Zebras and lots of amazing animals. After seeing all of the cool outfits I had to pay a gold coin so it can go to the SPCA.
This is my letter to miss Kirsty.
Dear Miss Kirsty,
I hope you know that we all love you and hope you will love you new job at the Zoo. I also hope that you and your class have a fun last day together and hope we will see you at the Zoo or somewhere else.
I also hope you come and visit us and tell us how fun it is at the Zoo.


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