Friday, 8 March 2013

My Ancestors

WALT write and present an Aiga poem about our ancestors and culture, and how we feel about them
My Ancestors
I am a proud Maori                                                
I am proud of my Maori culture                                              
My Ancestors come from Rotorua
They are very special to me
When I think about them I know they are next to me
Sometimes I think that they are watching me in the sky
All the time I think that they are happy being free
I think they are proud of me because I am doing good in school
I love my Ancestors I know that they are looking after us
They are the coolest Ancestors you will love to meet
I know I haven’t seen them but I think that they are the b
I hope I meet them one day because my mum told me that they are cool
By Paige Paraha



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