Thursday, 7 August 2014

I Think..........T Chart

I think……….T Chart
NAME: Paige
TEXT: Inside Mega-Munch
AUTHOR: Alan Bagnall
DATE: 6.8.14

I think….(your reference)
because…..(evidence in text)
I think Nana is big
because she go stuck in the bubble at Mega Munch
I think Shona likes Cheese and lettuce
Because they are healthy
I think Nana is old
because she has trouble with her knee and hips
I think that Nana said Rikki was a girl
because of his hair
I think Mum never let them go to Mega Munch
Because all of the food there is unhealthy and because they might want to eat Mega Munch for the rest of their lives
I think Mega Munch let the parents go into the playground
Because they need the parent to make sure the kids are safe and they won’t hurt himself


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