Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Niuean Sports Day

Niuean Sports Day By Jeff Evans

WALT: summarize a text.

SC: Students can;
  • skim and scan to find important (key)ideas or facts from a text.

  1. When is the sports day and how often is it?
The Niuean sports day happens once a year just after christmas.

2. What does Grass Skiing involve?
Grass skiing involves 3 people, Dry coconut pods ( the part of the coconut palm that protect the young coconuts) and a long wood or metal bar for 2 of the player can hold on each side and the last player hold onto the middle of the bar with both hands and places he or she’s feet into the coconut pods. The skier leans well back and slides over the grass.

3. How long is the grass skiing track?

The Grass Skiing track is seventy-five metres long.

4. What are the ski’s made out of and how often should they be replaced?.

Grass skiing is made out of coconut pods, and a wood or metal bar. After the grass ski’s had been use 2-3 times they must be replaced.

5. Why is stilt racing tricky?

Stilt racing is tricky because if a competitor falls down during the race, they have to lay their stilts down on the ground run in circles around them and then continue racing.

6. What is Tika Throwing.

Tika Throwing is another Niuean game that only older teenagers and adult are allowed to play. The tika, which is handmade, comes in two parts: a very long but straight shaft and a head made of toi wood. The head is lashed tightly onto the shaft so that the two pieces won’t come apart when the tika hit the ground. Skilled competitor throw the tika carefully so the it will skim along the grass after it falls from the air.

7. Describe the Tika and how it is used?

Tika is a long straight shaft and a head that is made out of toi wood. The head is lashed tightly  onto the shaft so that the two pieces won’t come apart when tika hits the ground.

Competitors throw the Tika carefully so that it will skim along the grass after it falls from the air .

8. What games do the adults play and how do they distract each other?

The adults play Tika and Tug of War?

While they are playing tug of war sometimes a team sings a song to make their opponents laugh and let go of the rope.

9. What other races are there and how does the day end?

Their are Running Races, Relay events and Stilt Racing.
The day ends with a medal ceremony, Everyone in the stadium claps and cheers when a medal is awarded.

Not all competitors get medals but everyone had fun.


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