Friday, 23 October 2015

My Speech

Kai Ora, Talofa Lava Im Paige and I am here to talk to you about Practicing Peaceful Play. 

Practicing Peaceful Play is about trying your hardest and being yourself. It's also about keeping it cool not actually freezing yourself in your freezer but not worrying about the little thing in your life. 
Practicing Peaceful Play is important because if it wasn't how are you able to  play peaceful with you mate and family. If there was no peace there with be anger, If there was no play there with be fighting and if there was no practicing how are you able to practice on the things you need to work on the most but because we do have practicing peaceful play we are able to work together as a team. Practicing peaceful play isn't about looking cool in front of your friends, It's about be yourself, doing things you want to do and being what you want to be. 
Practicing Peaceful Play sounds like laughter and positive conversation. It looks like people smiling and having faith in yourself. Because being someone your not or being a bully isn't fair for those kids/adults that want to work hard and have friends that care about them. Practicing Peaceful PLay is just like Rangimarie Peace not making trouble with your mates or family. Practicing Peaceful PLay is also like Manaakitangi not only caring about yourself but for the people all around you. Caring and being kind to people all over the world. Whanauntanga is also just like Practicing Peaceful Play because Practicing Peaceful PLay is all about building positive relationships with people all around us with people you care about and love. 
So what I'm trying to say is be yourself all the time and don't act like people you aren't, SO in the future you can have the life you have dreamt of and Practice Peaceful Play. 
Thanks for Reading and I hope you enjoyed. 


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