Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Persuasive Writing: Should we drink Fizzy Drinks

Today for Writing I was working on my Persuasive Writing. This Persuasive Writing is about "Should we drink Fizzy Drinks" My opinion towards this is that we shouldn't drink fizzy drinks.

WALT: give our opinion towards should we drink fizzy drinks.

Should we drink fizzy drinks?

My opinion is that we shouldn’t drink fizzy drinks because they are very unhealthy and are trying to trick you by the tastes it contains.

My first Reason
Fizzy drinks contain a lots of sugar and caffeine which isn’t go for our system and can course heart and blood problems.

Fizzy drinks can course diabetes from the sugar that was burnt off creating fat. It’s very unhealthy and isn’t good for children that are still growing and are trying to eat healthy.

My Second Reason
Fizzy drinks are not good for our bodies, they contain a drug called caffeine that makes your heart beat faster and can also change your blood pressure which isn’t good for you.

Fizzy drink isn't a great way to keep your teeth clean and healthy. And can ruin people's teeth and eventually fall out.
It can affect your health by all the sugar and fat you are ingesting into your system.

My Third Reason  
Fizzy drinks are very unhealthy, you are confusing an unhealthy fluids into your system that can affect your health and body. Fizzy drinks are also a waste of money, when you are able to have a healthier opinion for a drink.

A better opinion than fizzy drinks can be water, ice tea or coconut water that have a bit of sugar but is still healthy for you. Fizzy drinks don’t cost much, but their are other things you can consume that are healthier than fizzy drinks.

My Last Opinion
Should we drink fizzy drinks or should we just stick to the health stuff. Fizzy drinks aren’t health and can be really bad for everyone especially when children are growing their adult teeth. I don’t think we should drink fizzy drinks because it contains sugar and caffeine that isn’t good for your heart, breathing and can affect your sugar levels. Many people have died and gotten diabetes because of the sugar that wasn’t burnt off. Fizzy drinks may taste delicious but you are risking your life towards having diabetes, heart, breathing and sugar level problems.  


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