Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How do you rate a movie? - Reflection

How do you rate a movie?

WALT: reflect on the question we were given with the article we being reading.

In so many movies they contain bad language and scene that shouldn’t be shown to children. But because there are ratings on them it doesn't mean they will listen and not watch the movie.
So I will be answering some questions from the article.

Why do movies have ratings, why do you have to be a specific age to be able to watch a horror film.
We have movie rating because there are a lot of movies that people love to watch but might not be appropriate for younger audiences, because there could be bad language or inappropriate language used in the movies. There could be language that adults may use that aren’t meant for children.
They should have ratings because there could be themes shown, that are only meant for adults. For example nudity, adult themes and even drug use.

There are many reasons to why we should have age ratings. So what I am trying to explain is should we have age ratings and will it work and stop children that are under age.
In my opinion I say yes, because we need to be careful with what people should watch and if it is appropriate for children my age, i there are movies someone is currently watching. And because of the things they might be watching they might use what they have seen in the street or in school.
In my opinion I do not know how this will work because people don’t listen to what people say or what it may say on the back off the movie case or box.

There are so many variety of movies I like to watch, like horror and crime movies.
If I were to be able to ban a type of movie it will have to be Romance, not Film-Noir,Just Romance because there are something’s they do that a lot of people don’t like to see in movies but this is just my opinion.

There is lots of varieties of languages, not the cultural language the everyday language we use everyday to communicate with the people around us. There is one type of language that half of the world uses which is bad language, Bad language is when someone involves swearing or inappropriate things  into a conversation or in a movie or story.
And because of the bad language people are using in the movies child are using that same language outside on the streets or at school. But then there are some children that are using bad language because they are trying to fit in, or are learning bad language from family member at home or from their friends.

All over the world there are varieties of punishments that are happening at schools because of some of the things that they aren’t supposed to use at school. And what I want to answer is that, Should teachers punish students for using bad language at school.

In my opinion I say No and Yes. Firstly No because teachers shouldn’t be allowed to punish students because of the types of languages they are using, And they should just tell the parents that they are using bad language at school when they shouldn’t because it is part of rules.

Teachers shouldn’t be getting involved when students are using bad language at school, because of the punishment they may give them may not stop from using bad language at school in front of teachers and students. And secondly Yes because teacher school be stopping students from using language that isn’t allowed to be said to students or teacher. Teachers shouldn’t be giving the hash punishments, but punishments that will stop them from using that type of language toward a conversation with people.


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