Friday, 2 December 2016

Black Gold, Hair extensions - Reflection

Today, I have been reading an article about Black,Gold hair extensions. I find this article quick interesting and I would like to learn/more about this article.

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I find this article very interesting how women are getting there hair cut/shaved off and sold to people or put in salons as hair extensions. I also find this article interesting that lots of the women they have been mentioned  in the article don't really care about having extensions glued/taped/woven into there roots, But they know about some of the consequences they have toward having them, And knowing that they are wearing someone else's hair but they just don't think about it like they don't think about the cow when they eat a burger. At is all the same thing. But also I find this very upsetting that there are women and girls that are getting there hair cut off, being focused by there parents so they are able to get payed, yes they need the money but cutting of your children's hair isn't a very nice thing to do to anyone especially hen they don't want there hair cut, when theses girls look in the mirror and see that they don't have the hair they you'd to have they cry and it isn't fair for anyone to go through things like this.

In all story, texts and article there is a purpose, and for every purpose there is a reason.
I think the authors purpose of this article is to let women know that there are things in the world that can make you happy, physically and emotional. There are things that can make you feel normal and make you feel like no one is going to judge you for what you are, what you wear, the types of things you eat, the type of people you hang out with, because when you really think about it the only reason people are selling hair, and people are buying the hair for extensions is to make them feel good and if they want and have hair extensions you should judge them for there chooses they are feeling comfortable in there own skin and if they are wanting to get surgery or get hair extensions let them  get it, just encourage them and be on there side.
But I also think the authors purpose of this article is to let people know that it isn't fair for young girls to get there her cut/shaved of under the focus of there parents, it isn't fair they are being focused to do something they don't want to do.

In China there is high demands towards getting your cut/shaved and sold to people or salons, but why do I think there is such high demands for hair and that is what I will be  telling you today. I think there are such high demands for hair because hair can be very valuable if you know a lot about hair.
For example: virgin hair, that which has never been dyed, straightened or blow-wave, is so valuable it's called Black Gold and because of this when buying the hair as extensions it will been very expensive. Most hair extensions cost up to $700 to $2000. The longer and thicker, the better and higher the price. I also think there is is such high demands because there a different types of hair and different hair cost different price but the prices that are set to be sold as isn't a cheap cost. The regular cost of hair is $700 to &2000 but the more valuable hair can cost up to $2000 to $7000 if you are trying to get extra volume and added length.

Society would be different if it wasn't in demand, people would usually say that society is unrealistic but it's only because people don't understand that enormous consequences they would have our society. If that doesn't make people change there minds, something new with take over or come in. But if society were to change because it wasn't in demand, everything will changed. People will understand things less. People will know less about the society and the world. If Society were to change because it wasn't in demand, life would be poorly, people will learn things poorly. So many find society as unrealistic and fake because they aren't understanding the demands, rules and information that comes with it, and because of the information rules, and demands that come with it some people are able to understand the information that is given and it will just make society a better place for everyone.

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