Thursday, 1 December 2016

Te Reo - Reflection

Today I have created a document explaining some questions I will have to answer. So what I am reflecting on is a serves that I have filled out about using Te Reo Maori in schools and at home.

WALT: create a DLO, showing some questions and answers towards a serves that we filled ut about speaking Te Reo Maori at school, at home and in the community.

What is Te Reo? And what does it mean in your own words.

Te Reo is a language that is mostly spoken in New Zealand, Which is the Maori Language. Because a lot of people don't speak Maori much it will soon die. But that is why parents and teachers are starting to teach and encourage their children and other people to learn and teach them so that the Maori would exist for another 100 years... In my own words Te Reo means the language. The language that is spoke by different people, by different cultures but most likely to be spoken by Maori people. The official language of New Zealand is Te Reo Maori, New Zealand Sign Language and English.

What percentage of people speak Maori now vs how many people spoke Maori 100 years ago?

In 2016, the percent of people that speak Maori lost about 80% of the language has been lost and the percentage of people that spoke Maori 100 years ago was 95%. Towards theses percentages there has been a very big change and not a lot of people speak it that much. Thats is why people should start teach their kids the language or maybe in 100 years the language will no longer exist and there might be a new language that will take over the Maori Language.

How many languages die every week? And how does this happen?

From research and several websites that I have looked at says that One Language dies every 14 days. And there is roughly 7,000 languages spoken in the world. A percent of the time the languages is when the last language speaker dies, 30% of the languages in the world are currently losing speakers or are more seriously endangered. Most of theses have never been recorded and so would be lost forever. And about 50% of the languages spoken today will disappear in the next 100 years. Some even argue that up to 90% of today's languages will have disappeared by 2115.

What are the 3 official languages in New Zealand and in the World?

The 3 official languages that are spoken in New Zealand is English, New Zealand Sign Language and Te Reo Maori. Theses languages have been official for a very long time. English and Maori. But there has been several changes over the years.

Why is speaking Maori important?

Speaking Maori is important because it is a language that is spoken by a lot of people and has been around for over 30,000 years. Having the language still exist means so much to the people who are Maori, Because the Maori culture is in there blood and deserve to keep the language in the country they live in.          

In the future, what do you believe will be the main languages spoken around the world. Why do you think that?

I think the main languages that will be spoken around the world will be probably still English, Asian and maybe Indian. I don't really have a reason to why I think this. Maybe because there is a lot of people that speak theses languages and just because you're not the culture doesn't mean you can learn a new language. Because in the world a lot of countries and people speak english but don't you think it will be cool if you were able to speak different language that is kinda difficult to learn.


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