Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Paige's Well-Being

Will was overjoyed when he recieve tickets from Uncle Phil, but turned it down and had to confess to having the pills in his locker. It made him extremely upset that it got to a point where he almost killed Carlton, because he had the pills in his locker. He broke down in tears appologies for what he had done, knowing that he could have lost someone he loved some much. 

The reason this affects Mental and Emotional because he was upset and broken down for what he had done. Because when you cry and feel guilty about something it has a huge impact on your mental and emotional well-being... which is why this affects this well-being. This is positive affect because he had confessed and let off his chest that it was his locker that the pills had came from but then a it could have torn the family appart, because for most troubling kids it wouldn't be easy for them to tell their parents or loved ones about what they've done, but because he was strong enough to tell them he was able to be brave and do the right thing. It was also a positive affect on his well-being because he was able to be honest and true to himself, and let out the love that he has for his Cousin, which is why it affects Mental and Emotional because of the mental progress of having to push himself to tell his Uncle, and his cousin of his wrong doings. 

Social Well-Being

Will had felt that he had broken up the family, that he could have lost someone so close to him whom could have ended up dead. Everyone in his family had a close relationship, but because he had told Uncle Phil and his family that it was him who's locker the pills had came from, he had to appologies... To not ruin the relationship they all had.

This affects Social Well-being because social can relate to family and friends, and because he could have lost his Cousin whom meant so much to him, it affects one of the walls of Hauora, which leads all of the walls to colapses. He was angry and upset, because he wasn't the only that was mad and upset but so was his Uncle Phil and the other family members. 


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